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Ford Ranger Bike Rack

Ford Ranger Bike Rack

Available again 9/1/19  Sorry for the lack of photos!  We will get more posted.  If you could send us some of your installs to , we will use them!  

Fits Ford Ranger 2019 + .  A 60" slotted bike rack that bolts into pre-existing tie-down points located in the bed of the 2019 and on Ford Ranger.  This kit includes an aluminum 60" track, mounting brackets to fasten to your bed, torx tool, and two bike mount hardware kits (to attach our fork mounts, sold separately). Engineered specifically for this truck bed.  
The bike mounts (sold separately) can slide along the length of the track and positioned anywhere.  If you have standard quick release bikes, get the LoBall or Locking LoBall.  If you have thru axle forks, get HotRods (non locking) or DriveShaft Track (locking).  The track kit comes with the mounting hardware for our bike mounts.  If you currently own bike mounts from another company, there is a good chance you can re-use them on our track, but no guarantees.  
On the 5' bed, you can only close the tailgate with road bikes.  The bed is very short (Tacomas and Colorados have 5.5' beds).  Most mountain bikes will require you to drive with the tailgate open.  There are some good bed extenders and nets offered for these trucks as dirt bikes and motorcycles have the same problem on the 5' bed. We pushed the track forward as far as possible, so no adjustments can be made to close the tailgate.