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October 19th, 2012

We'll start this out by paying homage to the famous, most-loved member of the RockyMounts crew - "Nikki Nightshow" - She left us for the mean streets of Maine. We know you're thinking, seriously, "Maine??" - We thought the same thing, but alas it's true. We are super sad she is gone, but more so because now it's all dudes at the shop. Bummer.

On the up-side, we just launched our new ski racks for the 2012/13 season. We stepped it up this season and now have 3 sizes - Small, Medium, & Large. The rivet gun has been firing non-stop and we've been all hands on deck getting these beauties built-up and ready for the season. For you Colorado folks, Arapahoe Basin won the 'White Ribbon of Death' contest this year and people can actually go skiing/riding already. Crazy.

Last but certainly not least, we are about to drop something from space into the market - COLORS for our ski racks. Ya, not really from space, but something pretty out there in the rack world. We are bringing the color from our famous bike trays into the ski/snowboard community - We think they are finally ready for it. Look for the Red, Blue, and White colors to pop up on the website soon; These will be pretty limited in quantities and will only be available on our website or if you come into the showroom. Keep your eyes peeled. In case you missed our official announcement party from a random field in the middle of nowhere, here is the photo:

RockyMounts Ski Racks