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SplitRail SplitRail Single Add On
SouthPark Tandem TailPipe
Frame Bar
RockyMounts hitch racks are the perfect solution for carrying your bike to the trails.  Never take your front wheel off and never feel strained.  Our hitch racks were made to simplify your load.  You know; if you're short, weak, or like a naked roof.
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Frame Bar Tandem TailPipe
Price: $34.95
Price: $299.95
RockyMounts Frame Bar for hitch racks, bike racks, car racks, hitch bike carriers, hitch bike mounts Tandem TailPipe- RockyMounts tandem bike hitch rack
RockyMounts Frame Bar is a spring loaded telescoping tube used to adapt ladies, kids, and full suspension bikes to mast style hitch racks. Tandem TailPipe is an easy to load, locking hitch rack for your tandem bike.
SouthPark Hitch Rack SplitRail Platform Hitch Rack
Price $349.95
Price: $519.95
RockyMounts - SouthPark two bike platform hitch rack RockyMounts SplitRail two bike platform hitch rack
RockyMounts SouthPark 2 bike platform hitch rack is set up to plug into your 1.25" and 2.0" receiver and carry your bikes simply and easily. No rubber straps, no wrestling to fit the bikes to the rack - just drop in and get out of dodge. Lightweight, 2-bike platform hitch rack for 2" or 1.25" receivers. Single bike additions available for 2" model (SKU 1150, sold separately).
SplitRail Single Add On
Price: $219.95
RockyMounts SplitRail two bike platform hitch rack
Expand SplitRail (2" only) to carry 3 to 4 bikes.
RockyMounts hitch racks were added to their line in 2011.