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DriveShaft Adapter DriveShaft SD
DriveShaft HM
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DriveShaft (Thru-Axle Adapter) DriveShaft HM
Price: $69.95
Price: $74.95
RockyMounts DriveShaft- thru-axle adapter, bike racks, bike adapters, bike carriers, bike mounts, 15mm 20mm thru-axle adapters RockyMounts DriveShaft HM- thru-axle bike racks, thru-axle bike mounts, thru-axle bike carriers, car racks, bike racks,
RockyMounts DriveShaft is an adapter for fork mount bike racks that fits both 15mm and 20mm thru axles with the ability to securely lock up your bike. Locking 15mm/20mm bolt on thru-axle carrier for pickups, trailers, and SUVs.
DriveShaft SD
Price: $89.95
DriveShaft SD- thru-axle truck racks, thru-axle truck bike carriers, thru-axle truck bike mounts, thru-axle mounts, truck mounts, truck bike racks
Locking 15mm/20mm thru-axle bike carrier for truck bed channels found in Toyota®, Chevy®, GMC®, and Nissan®.