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RockyMounts Replacement Keys for bike racks, bike carriers, bike mounts, ski racks, ski mounts, ski carriers
Replacement Key
Price $1.00

Can't lock your bike to your bike rack because you lost your RockyMounts key? Find RockyMounts replacement keys here.
RockyMounts DriveShaft 15mm Shims- DriveShaft bike rack thru-axle adapters, bike racks, bike carriers, bike mounts, car racks, roof racks
15mm Shims
Price: $3.95

Replacement snap-in nylon shims for the RockyMounts DriveShaft product line.  Shims enable DriveShafts to carry a 15mm thru-axle equipped bike.  Shims can be used on RockyMounts DriveShaft, DriveShaft HM, and DriveShaft SD.

Note: these are not compatible with RockyMounts FlyTrap model bike adapter.
RockyMounts Dummy Axle & 9mm QR- bike rack adapters, bike racks, thru-axle adapters, thru axle bike carriers, thru-axle bike racks,
Dummy Axle & 9mm QR- DriveShaft HM & SD
Price $19.95

A dummy axle for RockyMounts DriveShaft HM and SD to carry 20mm thru-axles and standard 9mm bikes.