About Us

Sometimes you need the taste of an epic ride and the least we can do is get there.  Well, that's how we feel and makes all the more sense to design, engineer, and customize a full line of bad ass car racks to safely carry gear.  I'm not sure if you've ever tried stuffing a bike or a pair of skis into the trunk of a car, but it takes a few scratches, maybe some dents, and a lot of frustration to make it fit, if you can make it fit.  We're big on living easy, leaving more time for the trails.

RockyMounts started back in '93 when Chieftain Bobby Noyes ventured from New Jersey (yep, a jersey kid) to Boulder, CO to feed his addiction to bikes. It took one man with an ill passion for two wheels to kick around some ideas and toss them together bare bones.The first line of bike racks were crafted by hand and sold from the back of his truck. What became a huge hit locally opened up a whole new era of goods and RockyMounts spread across the states like butter.

Eighteen years later, still independently owned by Noyes, RockyMounts is stoked to support the mountain/outdoor culture that sets us back to our roots. We still remember what it's like to be a scruffy rider/dirt bag/ski bum/etc. - which is why quality and stellar pricing comes easy to us. Bottom line, if your bike costs more than your car, your fatty skis are your significant other, and you want the best bike racks or ski racks for your gear, you're in good company with us.

We're driven by epic - thrill seeking - blood pumping adventure. Oddly, no one has ever been this stoked to carry your stuff.

Rocky Mounts is a leader in designed and engineered car rack systems.  We introduce innovative ideas to the outdoor industry in efforts to securely carry your gear to get you on your next adventure.  Established in creating rock solid, whisper quiet, and fuel efficient rack systems that not only carry your prized possessions, but look polished doing it.